Data & Analytics

Smartwyn is specialized in leveraging a variety of data and analytics engineering tools and technologies to build sophisticated intelligent data & analytics pipelines - from ingestion of data to embedding analytics.

Shift from Traditional ETL (Extract Transform and Load)
Traditional ETL processes are fragile, inherently resource intensive, and difficult to maintain and test. Building modern big data pipelines require a paradigm shift and focus on curation and purification of data for analytics.

Fix Data Problems within the Pipeline
Applying governance rules, intelligent schema services and machine learning to our data pipeline reduces complexity and provides a central point of management of the data curation process. Furthermore, rules can be uniformly administered and applied in a consistent manner.

Modern pipelines deliver gold standard data to data science and analytics workers. Smartwyn's experienced team of architects and engineers will design, build and augment your intelligent data pipeline and help drive your analytics projects to success. 

Data Engineering
Data Engineering is all about overcoming data-processing bottlenecks and data-handling problems for applications that utilize big data. We use computer science and software engineering skills to design systems for, and solve problems with, handling and manipulating big data sets. Our data engineers have experience working with and designing real-time processing frameworks on Cloud-Native, Hadoop, Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) platforms as well as on-premise relational database management systems. Our core data engineering skills include:

  o  Data Lakes  
  o  Data Warehouses  
  o  Data Marts  
  o  Data Profiling
  o  Data Quality
  o  Data Integration
  o  Data Security
  o  Metadata Management
  o  Master Data Management


Analytics Engineering

Analytics Engineering helps drive innovative business decision making leveraging sophisticated reporting and advanced analytics tools for data mining, big data and predictive analytics to mine data for important trends, patterns, and performance. Our core analytics engineering skills include:

  o  BI Reports
  o  Dashboards
  o  Descriptive Analytics
  o  Predictive Analytics
  o  Machine Learning
  o  Text Analytics

We support a variety of data sources, processing engines, and targets like Spark, Cloudera, Cassandra, Greenplum, Teradata,  Microsoft and Google Cloud and associated data science frameworks that allow us to operationalize models trained in Python, Scala, R, Spark, and Weka.